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Wax warmer   

·                                 Item No.:9-7

·                                 Shipping Port:Guangzhou China

·                                 Payment:TT by bank, Western Union

·                                 MOQ: pcs

·                                 Product Orgin:China


Product characteristics:

²         Warm all type of waxes.

²         See through cover prevents wax contamination.

²         Removable inner container and metal bar.

²         Power 80w


More Features:

l                                              2pcs aluminum pot with plastic handle(removable pot size 10.6cm plastic handle fixed-size saucepan with 10.8cm).

l                                              Ideal for heating the wax 400g cans directly put inside.

l                                              Heatingt indicator light.

l                                              Temperature regulator control knob.

l                                              With the container interior and removable metal bar.

l                                              The approval of CE.

l                                              Adjustable temperature:maximum 95 .



By the effect of warming,this machine can put the rich vitamins,collagens into the skin effectively.For the dry,aging and rough skins,the effect is distinctive.The skin turns red healthy after treatment.It can improve the blood circulation of the feet and metabolism of the skin.It can also eliminate the aging dead cells,improve the rough and dry skin,moisten and relax the skin,sedative and diminish inflammation.


Note: The Plug showed on the picture is a CN Plug. IF you need a US/UK/AU/EU Plug, plz send me an e-mail regarding your needs    before your make the order. We'll arrange the Plug to you with the one you need.

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